Hi there.

It's more a hardware problem than an Ubuntu problem, I think, but maybe there is a workaround.

I'm using a HP DV7-1145ef laptop with a HDMI output. I'm also using an external display (HP 2275W) with a DVI input. Both are linked with a HDMI/DVI cable.

I configured X and the dual screen works fine. But, it's working only under X.

If I switch to a console tty the external screen goes to sleep mode (not the same as if I unplug it). It seems it gets no signal from the laptop.

Also, the external screen stays blank during the booting process. It only gets a signal when GDM is fired up.

Maybe that's normal (it's my first external screen plugged on a laptop). Maybe it's due the HDMI interface.

Is there a way to configure something so I can see the boot process (because most of the time I let the laptop closed with papers on it ).

Best regards.