Hi, it's embarassing that I've already searched in Google and this forum but I can't find anything that matches my specs. I'm still tweaking with Linux and found out that I will face this problem (like in Windows due to outdated card).

Anyway, I've noticed that ubuntu can't detect my monitor, AOC 17" and nVidia GEFORCE4 MX-440 AGP with 8x. I tried to check its specs as my manual was already eroded from a storm so I don't know its refresh rates anymore. In addition, in my xorg.conf there is no "Section 'Monitor'" listed so I don't know if I should add the whole section just like what other threads instructed to do so or not. And if I did, when I reboot the system it goes "System working in low-graphics mode" or something similar to that.

I have my graphics card CD-ROM but I can't install it to the system so that it could at least improve anything.

Hope someone will help me.
Thank you so much for the patience.