Hi, I hope I'm OK posting this here, since it's really a question about hardware and not Ubuntu.

I'm traveling in Vietnam, and my laptop has developed a serious graphics problem. Basically, anything involving hi-res graphics freezes the computer, but I can still boot in text-only mode and everything works fine.

So it would seem to be the graphics card, right?

Someone who came highly recommended is looking at the computer, and he says he's having trouble finding a replacement graphics card that will fit the slot in the motherboard.

Here are the specs for my laptop, now a few years old (full specs here):

Graphics card: ATI Mobility Radeon X700
Chipset: ATI RS 480M + ATI SB 450

Does it make sense that it would be difficult to find a replacement graphics card? What slot does my motherboard have that makes it hard to fit?

Thank you! And I'm sorry if these are basic questions. It's all a bit over my head...