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Thread: Heaphone Jack on HP Touchsmart TX2

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    Heaphone Jack on HP Touchsmart TX2


    I have an HP Touchsmart TX2 Notebook running Karmic. The sound works fine. However, when I plug in a headphone, I still here sound from the notebook speakers. Manually changing the output to headphones in sound preferences fixes this. When I remove the headphones, I hear no sound from the speakers and I have to again, manually change the output to notebook speakers.

    How to fix this?


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    Re: Heaphone Jack on HP Touchsmart TX2

    I've also noticed this
    But I can't even manually change the output to headphones. I cannot find such an option anywhere. Neither in sound preferences, nor in alsamixer.
    I know I chose the option that my soundcard is a toshiba one as suggested in some tx2 threads around here, and my system is using pulseaudio as a default sound server.
    Any suggestions?

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