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Thread: HomeBrewers Unite!

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    Re: HomeBrewers Unite!

    Quote Originally Posted by chillyomi View Post
    I though the thread was about software program and stuff
    When I read the title I thought the same thing, because, programs I build myself I put them in a menu called "homebrew." I forgot what the real word meant. =P

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    Re: HomeBrewers Unite!

    I have a thread here about my homebrewing antics somewhere, I am using Brewtarget in Ubuntu which is a clone of Beersmith.

    My full grain batch is ready for bottling tonight which I did use Brewtarget to give me pointers and reminders, the FG is 1.010 and OG was 1.048 so I reckon its about 4.98% ABV

    So far the colour is slightly lighter than I expected settling on a more golden hue than the original deep amber, flavour wise its got a malty caramel tone before the fuggles bitterness kicks in. I hope when its matured in the new year the final taste will be less sweet and more balanced

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