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Thread: Should I avoid the Acer Aspire One (751H-1170)?

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    Question Should I avoid the Acer Aspire One (751H-1170)?

    Hi I after my last laptop (inspiron 1520) died a few days ago I've been contemplating what I should get as a replacement. I've decided to go for a netbook + cheap home built gaming desktop. Anyway all I'd be really be using the netbook for is taking notes, writing essays and watching the occasional video. However it is important that the netbook is fully compatible with Ubuntu (or maybe moblin) and that is where the problem is. I know the aspire one that i want to buy runs on the GMA 500 and I have heard that this card has poor linux drivers. Is this a big deal? How bad is it?

    If there's anyone who's currently running ubuntu on a GMA 500 could you please advise me as to whether or not to avoid this netbook?

    Thanks again

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    Re: Should I avoid the Acer Aspire One (751H-1170)?

    Hi Sinbad,

    For what it's worth, I've got an Acer Aspire One D250-Bk which apparently has a GMA 950 video controller. I've installed Ubuntu 9.10 without any problems. There is one glitch I've come across, that's that the fn-F5 combination to switch between monitors doesn't always work properly, both screens will go black (sometimes with a frozen cursor arrow) and stay that way. It seems to be best to attach the external monitor before booting and to arrange monitors using the control panel.

    I've had small problems as well with dual monitors under WinXP, sometimes the netbook screen will retain the external monitors settings after the external monitor has been detached. No big issue but it could indicate some kind of hardware issue.

    Good luck,
    John Hendrickx

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    Re: Should I avoid the Acer Aspire One (751H-1170)?

    Yes, avoid the aspire 751. Not only it uses a graphic card very poorly supported (and better support isn't in sight), but the processor (Atom Z520) isn't even as "powerful" as an Atom N270/280.

    Maybe you could look at the Acer 1410. It features a 11,6" screen, SU2300 dual core processor, 2gigs ram and 160gb HDD. It's actually not a netbook, but rather a subnotebook.

    If not, look for netbooks with the GMA950 and the N270/280 Atom processor.
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    Re: Should I avoid the Acer Aspire One (751H-1170)?

    I would second the recommendation of the 1410 -- especially if you can find one with the dual-core Celeron M. I'm typing on one now. Video is good enough to handle Hulu just fine, full-screen.

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