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Thread: Karmic Bluetooth Console Config

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    Karmic Bluetooth Console Config

    This documentation - explains how to setup Bluetooth devices via the console on Ubuntu. Unfortunately, Karmic has no /etc/default/bluetooth file, nor does it appear one is referenced anywhere. I can not find any documentation as to how to configure a Bluetooth keyboard & mouse permanently via the console. This is a lightweight system, so I don't want to install Gnome.

    I've searched, downloaded the source, and looked at all to no avail. Can someone give me some pointers please?

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    Re: Karmic Bluetooth Console Config

    Yes, please. There is a bug in the gnome applet which will not allow me to use a pre set pin for my BT serial (times out and tries to use a 6 digit random pin instead) I am fine with setting uo a persistent BT serial connection from the command line, but am not sure how to do it. If I try # hcitool scan, the BT serial connection does not show up.

    Any help appreciated.


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    Re: Karmic Bluetooth Console Config

    I use XBMC Live as a Media Center connected to my TV. I bought a bluetooth keyboard to use as a remote.
    XBMC Live is a modified UI running on top of Ubuntu Karmic. Because of this, I have been unable to permanently pair my keyboard since I can't use the gnome bluetooth applet, because it doesn't have the gnome interface!

    I have been able to use hidd to connect my keyboard, but I have to reconnect it each time I want to use it since it sleeps after 10 minutes.

    I would also like to know how can I configure the pairing using the console? What are the config files for pairing?

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