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Thread: Recording off BBC iplayer using Audacity

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    Recording off BBC iplayer using Audacity

    I have done this in Vista but was wondering if it was possible to do it in Ubuntu? What do I set the variouus dropdown menus to do to this (please don't ask me to stick something in the terminal - I am a newbie on that front! ).

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    Re: Recording off BBC iplayer using Audacity

    Never used BBC iplayer but I know you can use youtube-dl (might need a few tweaks) to download videos. I use it for sites other than youtube. If it's audio streams you're after then mplayer can do that with a command like
    mplayer mms:// -ao pcm:file=/home/username -vc dummy -vo null
    Assuming the audio stream is an mms site and you want to copy it to your home folder.
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