Hello Ubuntu community!

I've found a solution to getting my Dell Latitude D430 laptop and Canon i70 printer working. I was going to reply to this forum post (but it's in an archive):

Another lead I got from this guy also recommends getting a commercial solution called TurboPrint:

I'm using Linux Mint:
elbbit@dell ~ $ uname -a 
Linux dell 2.6.31-14-generic #48-Ubuntu SMP Fri Oct 16 14:04:26 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux
elbbit@dell ~ $ cat /etc/issue
Linux Mint 8 Helena - Main Edition \n \l
elbbit@dell ~ $
What I have ended up doing is this:
- turn laptop on
- turn printer on
- connect the USB cable from laptop to printer
- Ubuntu shows an icon... some disc activity occurs... moments later a screen appears asking for driver information
- select the option for "Select a driver from database"
- in the list choose "Canon" and press "Forward"
- in the list on the left, choose "i450" and continue
- when asked for test page, you can say yes, but mine came out all messed up
- get into the Printer Configuration screen, and right click your printer to select the "Properties"
- on the left, choose "Printer Options"
- on the right, change "Resolution" to "600 DPI"
- press "OK" and close all printer related screens.
You can now print your pages from OpenOffice or other program!

Mine works very well with the exception I appear to have gained 5mm margin at the bottom - which I can happily live with!

Karma to the developers and thanks for enabling me to enjoy free software!