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Thread: Using javax.comm under Ubuntu

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    Exclamation Using javax.comm under Ubuntu

    I am trying to use the javax.comm package (Java serial comm under Ubuntu server edition.

    I downloaded the package from the Java site and did the following:

    1 - copied to /usr/lib/
    2 - copied to [JDK-directory]/jre/lib/
    3 - copied comm.jar to [JDK-directory]/lib/

    I added the following at the top of my Java source:

    import javax.comm

    The compiler (version 1.6) came back with an error on the import statement saying that javax.comm is an unknown package.

    I performed:

    jar -tf comm.jar

    on the associated jar file and all the javax.comm components were there.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Using javax.comm under Ubuntu

    Does using [JDK-directory]/bin/javac (or similar) to compile your source work any better?

    It is possible that the default javac command doesn't know about the extension directory where you placed the jar, which I why I would try to use the javac associated with the extension directory.

    Hope that gets you further along.


    (I prefer to work without extension directories if possible, but they can be a quick way to get started.)

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    Re: Using javax.comm under Ubuntu

    Try reading the documentation that came with the download (in /docs).

    Have in the same directory as comm.jar.

    As for the file, after you'd copied it over to /usr/lib, invoke "ldconfig" as super user.

    For the error you've received, the compiler's probably saying it can't find the comm.jar. You need to add to your classpath.. if at runtime with a terminal via "-cp comm.jar:.".

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