musicman10489, I had the same issue as you. I was just testing this method out and synced 1 or 2 songs with Ubuntu (while leaving a lot of other music on the phone that had been previously synced via iTunes in Windows). The songs that I synced via Ubuntu could play fine but all of the other music would only play about 5 seconds before skipping to the next song. The conclusion that I've reached is that all of your music should be synced with iTunes OR Ubuntu/Rhythmbox (but not a mixture of the two). For example, I removed all of the music from my phone and then re-synced my entire music collection using Ubuntu and now everything works fine. It seems that the phone was not happy when I tried to sync only a few songs with Ubuntu while leaving other songs on the device from iTunes. If all of your music is synced using the Ubuntu/Rhythmbox method, I think this issue goes away.