I have an old computer (2004-era) with this motherboard: http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Products/...Name=GA-8SG800

I know from the specs on the site that it supports only AGP slot video cards.
I want to use this as a media center (with Moovida + Ubuntu 9.10) connected to my living room's 80 cm screen.

Currently it has an Nvidia GeForce FX5200 mounted to it. The problem is - I can't get more than 1024x768,and the screen flickers all the time (like it's having interferences). I'm pretty sure the driver has nothing to do with it, because it flickers even at the USplash Ubuntu logo (and I know that in that moment of the booting process there is no driver loaded)

I was thinking to buy a new video card ( http://www.emag.ro/placi_video/placa...#Ancora_Opinia - romanian site ) because I don't really want to buy another computer for this job.

Would the GeForce 6100 be powerful enough for the moovida interface and some movies ?(I don't really expect that card to play HD Videos)

Also, I'd like to hear previous experiences with this card, and if it's good enough to use for a media center PC. (Ubuntu compatibility et al )