Just to preface, I live in Howard County and work around UMBC, if someone thinks they could give me a hand in person in exchange for some holiday cheer or compensation.

I have no prior experience with ubuntu, and had been gaining frustration with windows over the past few months in my career as an online poker player, so my girlfriend surprised me yesterday with a Dell Mini netbook preloaded with ubuntu 8.4

I have tried everything I can to try to get either bodog poker or cake poker to run on it using Wine, but have had no success. I like everything else about ubuntu, but if I cannot get the poker programs to work on it, but next step will have to be finding an XP cd, and accepting that I will not be able to use an ubuntu computer untill the poker software companies produce a version for it.

Does anyone have experience playing poker programs meant for windows on an ubuntu computer, and if so, can you please help?

Thanks in advance,