I just installed Ubuntu 9.10 and Blueman, and I'm trying to connect a bluetooth device (SHAKE) through the serial port. I can't pair the device since it has no alphanumeric input or visual output.

Using Blueman, the device is connected in the rfcomm0 port, and Signal Strenght is at 50% (Optimal), the Quality of the Connection is at 100%, and the Level of Transmission is at 50% (Optimal) .

The problem is the connection itself is losing data in someway. My device's led is purple, indicating that: (...) packets are being lost due to bad connection or too high data rate. Since the quality of the connection is presented at 100%, must be the data rate.

In my device's manual it states that in the port settings I need to have 230400 Bits per Second. Anyone knows how do I check such port settings? And if the problem might really be that?