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Thread: HP beeps at me when shutting down!

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    HP beeps at me when shutting down!

    Hello all,

    I did a dual installation (XP and Ubuntu 9.10) on a HP desktop. Ubuntu got the NVidia drivers right away! Windows, well, a few phone calls to tech support and even that didn't help. (Ubuntu, where was I all these years?!)

    When I shut down in Ubuntu, sometimes my computer gives off a couple beeps (the one from the mother board) and rarely, it doesn't. I undrstand there is a way to turn it off from the bios, but I want to make sure everything is working absolutely dandy (I'm planning on using this computer for heavy and imporant work).

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks all!

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    Re: HP beeps at me when shutting down!

    I get this occasionally too. I have an HP dv9543cl laptop. I'm curious what the beeping means.

    In the meantime, I've found a page telling how to completely disable the system beeping in Ubuntu, which I would assume would also stop it from beeping during shutdown:

    EDIT: Never mind about the above paragraph. Apparently the change in the link I gave is done by default in Ubuntu 9.10, so I guess it doesn't seem to prevent the beeping on shutdown occasionally.
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