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Thread: Testing CDs and ISO images?

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    Testing CDs and ISO images?

    I spent a frustrating morning trying to install Ubuntu on a system for a relative. The install kept failing, so I resorted to testing the CD. It did not pass. I burned two more and they failed as well. I created a lean virtualbox on my desktop system and tested the disks by booting on them then testing them and they were good, which lead me to replace optical drive in the box I was working on.

    So, the question is, is there another way to get the CD and/or the ISO. My lean virtualbox seems to work great, especially for disks that I may send in the mail.

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    Re: Testing CDs and ISO images?

    i had a problem installing linux from cd , i tried a lot but zero successes .
    then i tried to boot it from a usb stick check out here .
    install linux live usb and follow the instruction of how to setup ubuntu on the usb to boot from .


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