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Thread: Sony Motion Eye Weird Behavior

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    Sony Motion Eye Weird Behavior

    Not till few days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 9.10..

    I started Ekiga to check the Webcam's functionality, it gave some very weird video output! White and Black, zoomed in to an upward position of the main frame, plus it streams a wavy picture output..

    On Cheese and aMSN, the output was pretty neat but in Black and White..

    I ran the Preload command (as mentioned in this documentatoin link) for the three applications, nothing happened.
    I restarted, checked with Cheese, it didn't recognize any device.. No output!!
    Then removed the Preload commands...

    When I logged in some time later after a shutdown-startup process, opened Cheese and everything was great with no problems whatsoever!! Ekiga and aMSN still the same however.. I wont use Ekiga so nevermind, but any suggestions for an aMSN fix?

    And could someone explain this spectacular phenomena with Cheese?!

    this is the lsusb of the cam:

    Bus 001 Device 002: ID 05ca:1837 Ricoh Co., Ltd Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC4 [R5U870]

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    Re: Sony Motion Eye Weird Behavior

    The output is in black and white again!! It's changing all by itself!!
    Even in the same session.. I open cheese it's all ok... I close it, then open it again in about 30 min it's black and white..

    Could someone expalin this please? And what would be the best solution in such case to get the cam function all right?

    And any suggestion for aMSN? The output there looks catastrophic!

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    Re: Sony Motion Eye Weird Behavior

    i have almost the same error...

    on ubuntu 9.10 karmic my cam is

    ID 0ac8:c002 Z-Star Microelectronics Corp. Visual Communication Camera VGP-VCC1

    i got my webcam works on xawtv and on amsn, but sometimes it doesn't.

    it never works on skype or camorama

    i cannot install the gspca driver because they cannot be compiled


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