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Thread: Installation ERP based software

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    Unhappy Installation ERP based software

    Hi to All

    I am a new user of Ubuntu. For me it is really a great and exciting journey using a new platform like Ubuntu. I am Head HR by profession for a reputed construction firm in Doha, Qatar.

    We, in our office are using "FOCUS 6" as a management software. Therefore i have to use the same as well for HR solutions. This is ERP software and i think it is built on Microsoft platform "because all reports are generated in MS Excel". This is also internally linked to our Company server.

    I wanted to install and use this program from my Ubuntu laptop. As i am not an IT professional, i do not know weather this will support my system or not. Can anyone help me to understand if this software will support my pc or not. If yes, how can i do this and if no, what can i do to get connected with this program.

    Anticipating a professional support from any of you in this forum.

    Thanking you in advance.

    Best Regards

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    Re: Installation ERP based software

    Windows software will not run natively in Linux; instead, it requires a compatibility layer of software -- provided by Wine.

    Installing Windows apps in Wine is often a very difficult process, so there are companion utilities that can aid in this -- Crossover Linux, and Play on Linux.

    All of these are available from Codeweavers -- at their WineHQ website.

    Also at that website is their Application Compatibility Tool -- which rates Windows apps running in Wine from Platinum (everything works), to Bronze (nearly nothing works), to Garbage (nothing works and/or won't install).

    The following is a link to that page:

    But ... you don't need to go there for this app, because I did that and it's not listed -- meaning, most likely, it is NOT going to work in Wine.

    Sorry to have to tell you this, but the best environment for running specialized Windows apps is -- Windows.
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    Re: Installation ERP based software

    Thread moved to the Wine forum.

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    Re: Installation ERP based software

    I think this software is from India. You can try with any Indian LoCo team or forum. They may help you if they have solution.


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