K this is a strange problem. I have had this portable hard drive for over 6 months now and seems to have worked just fine until recently where it appears to have stopped being reconised?!?! I normally plugged it in and it made a little "ding" noise where it would come up as noticed as being plugged in but now although the light on the back of it is on and it makes the same "ding" noise when its plugged in, I don't recieve anything and am not able to find any trace of it. When I click on what I used to click on it on desktop to open it it just comes up as "error cannot be found" and there is not sign of it in my computer. Its as if that extra hard drive never existed.

Is there anything I can do to check the hard drive? I mean anything to get it open to even look into it to begin with? I cant think why it has suddenly done this and its worrying seeing I have a lot of important coursework on there but i'm suspecting it has become corrupted somehow. Can anyone help me here pls oh and i have tried it on my fathers laptop and it is not reconised there either. Pls someone give me a hand here . . Ty.