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Thread: HIS Radeon Graphics Card or something else

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    Unhappy HIS Radeon Graphics Card or something else


    I recently made a number of changes to my set up, and need a little advice. I just installed a new graphics card (mentioned in the title) in my computer so that I could connect it via HDMI to my TV (Panasonic Viera). All of the new changes work just fine, except for start up. There is a very long delay before the login screen comes up. I get the boot screen and everything, and then there is a very long moment of nothing but blackness. Long as in... up to 5 minutes.

    The picture is great, and everything else seems to work okay. I can't tell if it's the video card, the computer, or something else I've changed in my setup.

    The HDMI cord is new also, and I'm using a logitech playstation keyboard with an Asus bluetooth dongle. I'm running the last 64bit version of Ubuntu, Intel motherboard, core 2 duo processor, 8gigs of PNY ram, 1TB harddrive (can't remember the brand at the moment).

    Please be gentle, I'm still very new to linux.
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    Re: HIS Radeon Graphics Card or something else

    Okay... I wasn't sure before, but I noticed that turning the TV off and on again after it boots brings up the login screen. Are there any possible fixes for this? Thanks!


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