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Thread: A System Restore/Nurse Mode feature in Ubuntu Perhaps?

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    A System Restore/Nurse Mode feature in Ubuntu Perhaps?

    So I caught this bit on another set of forums I am on - essentially Elive has alot of useful recovery features that can be run off the LiveCD to rescue your Linux install from common things that can break/users mess up when they are new.

    I think it would be a very good idea to see something like this implemented in Ubuntu. What do other people think?


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    Re: A System Restore/Nurse Mode feature in Ubuntu Perhaps?

    It goes without saying that we should always have our important data securely backed up.

    Elive looks like a useful thing, Ubuntu certainly could do with its features as I agree it would make life a lot easier for new Linux users for sure.

    Though if do we strike a problem with a distro, & we can't access the internet, we can usually get internet access via a LiveCD, from where we can post on a forum & get support.

    Due to the size of membership/usage of the Ubuntu forums, it shouldn't take long to get help, if the problem hasn't already been solved before in a past thread, which a google search should show. (Though I know it can be hard to succinctly articulate some problems for search engines).

    I use Arch & have all of my config files & the like backed up to help me if I have a HDD failure. Having those files will make it quicker & easier for me if I have to rebuild Arch, something I've managed to avoid thus far.

    You could use Clonezilla to make a backup of your drive, (in one form or another of those that it offers). This is the easiest way to recover from system meltdown.

    One day I'll probably get around to buying an external drive, for the purpose of cloning my No.1. box's drive. For no other reason than I'm lazy & find rebuilding a system to be a chore these days, where once it used to be fun.
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