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Thread: how do I import single photo with fpot?

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    how do I import single photo with fspot?


    I have a netbook running UNR 9.10 and I want to import a 10-20 photos from my digital camera that has 700+ photos. I am finding that fspot doesn't have the feature that will allow me to manually select a few photos after clicking on the the "Import" button in fspot. The only thing I am able to do with fspot is import all 700+ photos.

    The thought of importing all of the photos and then manually deleting 600+ photos isn't too appealing.

    Because I am using UNR, dragging and dropping between application windows (nautilis and fpot) doesn't appear to be a workable option.

    Manually copying select photos into a temporary folder in the /home/username directory and then importing them into fspot seems inefficient.

    I am looking for the simplest way to manually select a few photos from a memory card and import them into spot.

    Any suggestion will be greatly appreciated.
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