I've currently got a 8GB system disk and two 1TB RAID 1 (software) disks.

Due to a corruption with the 8GB system disk, I'd like to repatition my RAID 1 drive in order to install the OS on this. I'll probally end up making it dual boot Ubuntu and Windows 7.

Firstly, is it possible for me to resize the 1TB disks and leave the data intact in order to create create a disk for my OS? Any sugegstions on best approach or even a howto?

With a dual boot system, would both OS's be able to write to the same remaining disks if setup as software raids independtly in each OS? Could this lead to a corruption if each OS write to the raids differently?

In creating a dual boot system, if I free'd up 20GB from each disk and left the remainder for the RAID 1 partition - can anyone see any problems with having one OS on disk 1's 20GB and the second OS on disk 2's 20GB?