Hello all! I would like to be advised on what to do regarding my laptop. It's a netbook HP 1000 series (1030nr), and the wireless adapter has a 14e4:4315 chipset.

I am very brand new to Linux, but I'm not generally computer illiterate and don't mind using the terminal command prompt with help. Basically, that means I have no clue what I'm doing on Linux, but I won't freak out when you ask me to do something and I can usually give you the feedback you need to help me progress.

I have tried googling a solution, but after attempting to use it, I would run into a wall, often something saying, "Something is not satisfied." Several attempts of that got frustrating.

I've read the next version of Linux (lynx, I believe) will support my chipset, but does not have a netbook friendly version (which is pretty necessary).

So, I would appreciate some input. Should I stay with the netbook version of Karmic, or is there another version of Ubuntu that I can install that bypasses this problem for me? I would also be willing to work with anyone who would want to take the time to help me manually adjust the firmware, which would be greatly appreciated, but tedious on your end. At this point, I just feel like I know so little that I might just be greatly benefited by someone who knows more who can set me in the right direction.