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Thread: Macbook - Dual Boot OSX and Ubuntu 9.10

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    Question Macbook - Dual Boot OSX and Ubuntu 9.10

    Hi everybody!

    I'm trying to install Ubuntu 910 with OSX Leopard on my macbook black (v4.1 - early 2008). What happens is that rEFIt is not recognizing my linux installation. Here are the steps I have followed.

    1- Fresh install OS X Leopard (no updates... Just out of the box)
    2- Installed rEFIt v0.13 (default options)
    3- Shutdown machine for 5 minutes
    4- Turn it back on. rEFIt looks good. (just OS X option appears)
    5- Under OS X, ran disk utility and resized my OS partition to 50GB (200GB avaiable after that)
    6- Restarted with Ubuntu v910 x86 CD in and started live environment.
    7- Started installation of ubuntu through the desktop shortcut.
    8- Choose “install to the largest continuous free space"
    9- After copying files, choose to install grub under sda3.
    10- Restarted
    11- Resync with rEFIt and shutdown machine.
    12- After 5min, start it and no linux logo appears...

    The main problem here I think it's something with the linux bootloader. rEFIt can't "see" any linux partition.

    Am I missing something? I followed the guides from here and still no success...


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    Re: Macbook - Dual Boot OSX and Ubuntu 9.10

    try boot into live cd and repair grub.
    I didn't install MBR at sda3 but sda. it still work. Base on documentation u shall install and your own Linux partition but it doesn't work with me.

    Try with your own risk. By the way I use Macbook white 6,1
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    Re: Macbook - Dual Boot OSX and Ubuntu 9.10

    you can also try to sync the partition table from within rEFIt with partition tool.
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    Re: Macbook - Dual Boot OSX and Ubuntu 9.10

    Yes, try to install grub to sda instead of sda3. Here's how you do it:

    boot ubuntu live cd.
    In terminal, write:
    sudo grub
    root (hd0,2)
    setup (hd0)


    hopefully you will se an entry now. (Note that it will not look like a penguin, but rather like four gray squares or something, since refit doesn't recognize grub2 yet. It will say something like boot legacy os from hard drive.)

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