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Thread: Problems mounting WD My Book WE 1TB

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    Problems mounting WD My Book WE 1TB

    Newbie here. I have googled for days and can't seem to find the answer to my problem. Here is the background. I was running Windows Vista on my desktop at home until I got fed up and decided to go with linux again. I have a dual boot with Vista and Ubuntu Karmic.

    I have a Western Digital My Book World Edition, 1TB, network hard drive. About a month ago, the thing wouldn't turn on. I was kind of annoyed at the whole mionet thing and network drive anyway. So, assuming that my power supply was bad, I ordered a new enclosure that would interface via usb instead of ethernet. I didn't do much research prior to ordering the enclosure to simply fix my problem, I guess I was being naive and thought I could just plug it in and bam, I would have a new usb external hard drive. After that didn't work I got worried. But when I am running vista, and I plug the drive in, it recognizes that a usb mass storage device has been plugged in but it doesn't show up in my computer. I can view the device in Computer Management-->Drive Management.

    I have gone through a bunch of hoops trying to mount it on ubuntu. I was sort of able to mount it but I still can't access the data. The reason I say sort of is because when I click on the drive from Places, it says "Unable to scan Device for media changes. Device is not active." The data is all I am concerned about, however, I would like to be able to use this relatively new drive. When I use the Disk Utility, it shows my drive set up as a RAID array with this information:

    Unknown Size
    Linux Software RAID
    Not running

    Array Name:-
    Home Host: -
    Array Size: -
    RAID Type:
    Components: 0 Components (3.0 GB each)
    State: Not running, not enough components to start

    RAID Component State

    3.0 GB RAID Component (/dev/sde1) -
    107 MB RAID Component (/dev/sde2) -
    1.0 GB RAID Component (/dev/sd3) -
    996 GB RAID Component (/dev/sd4) -

    I guess my questions are, am I able to convert this network drive to a usb? And, if so, how do I get this thing to mount properly? If not, should I just get my data with some sort of data recovery software?

    please help. thanks in advance.

    FIXED: I had some updates that needed a restart and when I restarted, partitions mounted successfully. I tried so many things I don't even know if I can pinpoint the exact solution. I'm sure the line I added in my fstab took care of it.

    /dev/sde4 /media/mybook2 usbfs guest, 0 0
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