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Thread: Please recommend a good webcam.

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    Please recommend a good webcam.

    I tried to find an existing thread on this, but couldn't.
    I've now spend more than 2 hours on Google searching for a good webcam that works with Linux, and my head is beginning to hurt.

    I thought "USB 2.0 Video Class" would be enough, but it seems audio can be a problem.

    What I consider a good webcam:

    Good light sensitivity. (I don't want to sit with a lamp in my face.)
    Good image quality.
    resolution >= 640x480@30fps.
    Decent microphone.

    Webcams I'm considering:
    The "Logitech Quickcam E 3500 Plus" should work, but I think it's based on an old CMOS, which usually means poor light sensitivity.

    The "HP Premium Autofocus Webcam" looks better, but I can find nothing about how well it works with Linux, and specifications are very few.

    The "Hercules Dualpix Exchange" claim to have good light sensitivity and overall good specifications, but it cost more than the other two, and it doesn't have auto focus like the HP.

    If you have any recommendations please share your experience.
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