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Thread: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

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    how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    I am currently using Ubuntu version 7.4, but I want to install the latest version. I use Firefox for my web browser.

    Before I do the new installation I want to make sure I will still have my favorites/bookmark websites. Will they still be there or do I need to copy them? If I need to copy them how do I do that so I can reinstall them when I have installed the latest version of Ubuntu?

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    Re: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    what version of firefox? if it is 3.5, go to history-show all history. at the sidebar, select all bookmarks. then select import and backup and press backup
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    Re: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    the bookmark file is in the /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/o9kkuq12.default
    the look for the bookmarks.html file
    that is for Foxfire 3.5 it should be in the same location for any Foxfire

    you can save this file any to CD flash drive or to s spare hard drive
    good luck and have some fun learning

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    Re: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    In firefox, you have the Bookmarks->organize bookmarks menu. You would then go to import/export menu and then save your bookmarks in an html format.
    In general, before you perform upgrade, save your entire home directory (using any command that you are familiar with like cp, rsync, tar etc.) on a flash drive or other device just in case.

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    Re: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    I too need this information:

    I have saved the bookmarks.html to an external drive.
    Install Jackalope.
    Copy bookmarks.html back to computer in home directory
    Click on firefox
    Click on file
    Click on import
    Get message not bookmark or address file could be found.

    Physically copied bookmarks.html to .mozilla/firefox/blah blah.default/bookmarks.html

    Does not show up in 'firefox' bookmarks.

    This is on my laptop. I have a desktop with exactly the same installation and all upgrades that does not have this problem.

    What else should I look for or do?
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    Re: how to copy my bookmarks inside Firefox

    If you copy the entire contents of /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxxxx.default into the new install's /home/username/.mozilla/firefox/xxxxxx.default folder you'll get your bookmarks, passwords, cookies, history....everything.
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