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Thread: ntfs partition raw error bc ubuntu

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    Exclamation ntfs partition raw error bc ubuntu

    Dear all,
    I have Win recovery on dev/sda1, Win7 64x on dev/sda2, had Ubuntu 9.10 on sda5 and swap was sda6. I was using this ubuntu program with the name of NTFS configuration or something in the lines of that and it forced my win7 partition sda2 to mount on startup. I couldn't get around that so I went ahead and did a wipe of ubuntu to reinstall it.
    Using grub fixer, I wanted to get into win7 but apparently my windows 7 is now a raw partition (I DID NOT wipe it, I can assure you.)
    I have ubuntu live and this is the error I get, helphelp.PNG
    When I run the recovery console on windows using sda1 I get the following error messages
    Diagnosis and repair details.doc, chkdsk can't run bc it's raw, can't system restore, can't do anything.

    I need to get data off of my sda2, otherwise I would do a clean reinstall.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If need more info, let me know and I'll do my best.

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    Re: ntfs partition raw error bc ubuntu

    I'd try running testdisk to see if could repair sda2 enough that you could run chkdsk on it from sda1.

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