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Thread: Thread closed without proper consideration...

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    Exclamation Thread closed without proper consideration...

    dear admins.
    i want to bring to your notice that this thread of mine has been closed without proper consideration. there i neither said i HAVE that disease nor did i say doctors advice is not sought. without seeing the doctor how do i know the name of the disease? shouldn't i ask information regarding that disease for education purposes?
    plus the most important thing i sought there was to see the price ranges in different countries. so whats wrong in that thread?

    i accept the admins explanation.

    thank you very much.

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    Re: Thread closed without proper consideration...

    Well, honestly, we are a site to support Ubuntu and that topic is medical, and there is no reason one would expect you to obtain medical information from out community.

    I think there are much better resources then the Ubuntu forums, including Wikipedia or a google search.

    Now you may choose not to use those resources, but that does not mean it is an appropriate topic for these forums.

    Best of luck to you in your information search, but I support the closure of the thread.
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