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Thread: How to backup Ubuntu into image?

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    How to backup Ubuntu into image?

    Hi, I am using Ubuntu Karmic Koala.
    I woud like to backup my Ubuntu into image before proceed for some beta testing.
    I had tried Partimage, mondo rescue, norton ghost and Systemrescue, but no luck.
    How to backup my Ubuntu? Help me please.......

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    Re: How to backup Ubuntu into image?

    try remastersys. get it from:
    norton ghost cant be used with ubuntu. i forgot why. maybe someone else can clarify
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    Re: How to backup Ubuntu into image?

    as MelDJ said this is one way

    here is another way
    check out the following site it is GREAT and has a lot of good info

    I checked the web for drive image and found a free one "Disk Copy" you will have to burn it to a CD and boot for it. I have not tried it but it sound like what you need. Read the sites infofor more info about it

    If you do not like it search the web for drive image

    Good luck and have fun

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    Re: How to backup Ubuntu into image?

    What was the problem with Mondo rescue.
    Best Wishes
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    Re: How to backup Ubuntu into image?

    Clonezilla. I swear by it.

    Backup a full disk/partition(s), create an iso, burn, and you have a working backup on a bootable CD.
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