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Thread: Mouse training software

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    Question Mouse training software

    I teach a computer class in Mexico. Some students have never even seen a computer. I have a lab of 27 computers with Ubuntu (I will be upgrading them to 9.10 in the near future).

    One of the skills they will need to learn is how to use the mouse (clicking, double clicking, right clicking, dragging, scroll wheel, etc.)

    Is there a good program that teaches this? Or a game that uses all of these skills? What do you recommend?


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    Re: Mouse training software

    I guess there might be a program out there somewhere, but to be honest, you might be better off just creating a few icons on the desktop and having them drag them around/open folders and such.
    Most of the training programs I have come across are for windows, and although you could probably run them in WINE, that might make things a bit difficult.

    Here's one program I found:
    Might be a bit young for some of your student but you didn't mention the age group.

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