Hi, I right now am looking for a couple new computers for my business.

I want to know what's the difference between a desktop motherboard and a server motherboard?

From what I assume is that how it was engineered. I think server motherboards are more gear to speed of data computation and reliability on hard drives to not have data loss. Compared to a desktop. I thought the gpu a server has is not top noch unless it's a media server motherboard.

I am looking to buy new computers . One will be a server and a workstation meaning where I would create the artwork for the website or any other programs.

Just want to hear what you think is the purpose of server motherboards. Is it just like a desktop motherboard but better... like more ram and hard drive capacity and chips to help avoid data loss which makes the boards a little more expensive compared to a desktop motherboard.

The reason is that I was thinking to just buy server motherboards but I still want to be able to play video games and use graphic programs like 3d modeling to make artwork for my website or video games I plan to make in the future.

Any Ideas? or is server motherboards just low gpu graphics to allow a terminal to appear and have no gui interfaces to the software on the server.