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Thread: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    Quote Originally Posted by PrFaas View Post
    Another 'lurker' coming 'alive'

    Very short introduction:
    - linuxer since the days of Slackware-3.0
    - have some experience with linux-on-arm (Toradex-pxa270)
    - not afraid of a soldering iron
    - own one of the 'toys' as discussed here

    I've not (yet) opened 'mine', it's an epc, vt8500@300MHz/128MB-ram/2Gig-flash, wince-6.0 . Seems like nothing special there...
    'Mine' was -from-shop missing some 'apps': no nPop I've remedied that by now.

    I have a few questions to those who've already looked inside:
    - what type number of the spi bootprom? I have in the past built a simple (rs-232-port-based) programmer for spi flash proms, and think i could perhaps read/program this one as well.
    - are there *any* signs of rudiments of an rs-232 port on the board? u-boot usually 'talks' via rs-232, and it would be no surprise if that has not been entirely disabled in this machine. An rs-232 buffer using -say- the mic jack connector to 'get outside' could then be added to get 'full control' of u-boot..
    - has anyone tried to make a script for dhcp/bootp for u-boot? A 'normal' u-boot has support for that. With the Toradex i did most of the development while the arm effectively did a 'netboot'. It's not difficult to set up, and very convenient to try things out. I do not really fancy the idea of doing a zillion re-flashes of the thing before settling on a final linux-install....
    nextvolume, it stops showing anything after showing: Loading kernel. It doesn't show anything else after that.

    PrFaas, the SPI is a SAMSUNG_NF_K9GAG08U0M

    I haven't seen an RS232 port anywhere. At least not the traditional type of interface.
    I don't have as much experience with u-boot, I am learning on the job here. Do you have any example scripts that you can show how to do what you are talking about?
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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    Trying to find the RS-232 and JTAG pins was the main reason I disassembled my unit for.
    Unluckily I haven't found anything that I could recognize that was linked to them. As a side-note, I found a very useful reset button on the motherboard labeled `SW1`.
    I've hacked routers so I know how they should look like and what they're for. I've never done an actual interface, I have very little electronics experience, but as there are schematics on the internet it's more due to lazyness than anything else.

    It'd be great if you dumped the ROM from yours so you can just rewrite the SPI in case it gets badly flashed, etc.

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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    I've 'taken the plunge', and attempted to open the box. Removing the screws & battery (7.4Volts, 1900mAh text on it) is easy enough. I did also 'get stuck' when attempting to remove the keyboard: I can pry up the kb from the bottom, but not really remove it: the hinges of the display are in the way. The top of the keyboard seems to have two 'hooks' that 'grab' over the display hinges, and i can not pull it forward. I don't think i'd have real problems with the cabling, but the plastic is in the way for now. I saw another user describe the same problem a few pages back....

    W.r.t. the SPI chip, i can't veryfy, but i have the impression that the answer contained the type number of the 2 Gig 'main/disk' flash rom; i can be mistaken.. my first & main interest would be type number of the 512 kBytes (8-pins...) bootrom. Having a flash-facility and backup copy of that one would -i think- provide an 'insurance policy' against 'bricking' these machines.

    w.r.t. netboot-commands for u-boot: i'll check/report tomorrow 'at work': i've got 'the set' for that there.

    For now, and 'from wet memory': it's something like:
    - set kernel boot options as parameter of u-boot
    - command: dhcp
    - command: bootp
    - command: bootm <address>

    1-st command is to request an IP address using dhcp
    2-nd command is to download (via tftp) a bootfile
    3-rd command is to actually boot the kernel.

    You also have to -when building the kernel- set the kernel-configuration option to have support for a 'root NFS' filesystem. At 'the other end' (meaning a linux workstation) you need a dhcp server, a tftp server and an nfs server. Plus -of course- the entire kernel/config and an nfs-exported filesystem for the 'little one' to use as root filesystem... A bit of a hassle to set up, but then you have your 'little machine' completely booting from the network. Everything (except the messages from u-boot) ends up on the disk of your workstation. Any changes can be made on the filesystem of the 'big brother', and tried out relatively easily. The fun is that u-boot fully supports 'all this'. Dunno if *this* build of u-boot does that though... It *can* be compiled-out

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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    Has anyone gotten their hands on a model that has the x86 compatible processor? Seems to me that could be much easier to get Ubuntu on for about the same price.
    Are You the Ubuntu Guru?
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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?


    I've followed along since post 70# or so. Purchased one of these after Christmas for a song (unwanted gift). Neat little boxes. I received a variation of via vt8500@300mhz 128mb 2gb. with the removable SoC. I've included pic links of main board. Has anybody sizzled their power adapter yet? Mine blew after one hour.

    Under wince 6.0 how does one determine the actual cpu speed?

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    Smile Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    HI Per Christensen

    we got your email, and thanks for your request that we had ask the
    authorize of source code from manufacturer now.

    the VT8500 YF-700 thin client (NetClient), this board is more similar as x86 platform:

    Hardware Specifications NetClient

    YF-700 V1.1 support VESA mount

    VT8500 SoC Arm9 250-400Mhz
    DDR2-400 128/256MB On-board
    Video Capability
    2D Graphic Acceleration (JPEG decoder)

    VGA Resolution
    1024x768 16-bit Color
    Storage Interface
    - NAND Flash 1/2/4 GB on board
    - 40-pin IDE x1 support IDE to SATA adapter

    - SD/MMC x 1
    - 10/100T LAN x 1
    WLAN (Optional External USB Dongle)
    - IEEE 802.11b/g (USB interface)

    - Infrastructure Mode (Client Mode)
    - AC97
    Front Panel I/O
    - Audio x2 (Mic in & Headphone out)
    - SD/MMC Card Reader
    - Power Reset Push Button
    - Power and IDE Storage Activity LED
    - USB 2.0 x 3 - outside x2 inside x1

    Rear Panel I/O
    - LAN x1 with Diagnostic LEDs
    - PS/2 x2
    - VGA x1
    - Power InputMINI DIN JACK-6pin5V/3A)(1-3W),
    - Power ON/Off Switch
    Side Panel I/O
    - 9-PIN Male RS-232 x 1
    - USB 2.0 x 1
    - Internal 40-PIN IDE x 1 (Under Slide Cover)

    hardware demo

    the platform is the open system that you can install full Debian into NAND flash disk and 100% compatible with pre-build binary code of Debian for ARM

    If our manufacturer allow us to support the open souce community that we will full support software of hardware as we could

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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    I've only seen the bottom of my own the board so far, but: 'mine' looks yellow and exactly like the foto from 'cyknife'. Zooming into that foto, is that a set of pins marked 'J17, gnd, RX, TX, +5V' i see? I do have to zoom in until 'almost pixel-resolution'... That does look like a hint of a serial port if ever i saw one

    And: an SoC module: very interesting. I did not manage to find any 'connecting' information on the web yet, but:

    - if it is a 'custom-off-the-shelf' module, then finding the actual 'maker' of the module could prove very interesting. It is quite possible that a bsp is provided for the module.

    - the SODIMM connector (foto top) is very likely to provide access to all relevant bus/Io signals.

    Since mr 'cyknife' managed to disassemble his machine to board level: would you be willing to give a hint as to how you got past the snag with the display hinges that got me 'stuck'?

    I'm seriously considering to get me a 2-nd one of those machines 'Mine' comes from the local 'pots and pans' (cooking utensils, not less) shop, no less..

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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?

    Hi, another lurker here.
    PrFaas That is Definitely "GND RX TX 5V". Someone hook it up to the serial Port. Here is a cable we can probably make ourselves. hxxp://

    I know this is not on topic , but has anyone tried X-Lite on Windows CE?
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    Re: Linux on 7" mini netbook ARM-VT8500 ?


    Thank your for kind reply from you at

    The specifications of the KASER VT8500 YF-700 thin client (NetClient) seem very similar to specifications of the mini netbook talked about in this forum.
    Hardware with CPU + Sound + Port configuration look identical (in addition the netbooks has WiFi Ralink RT 2070/RT 3070).

    Your YouTube video show the VT8500 YF-700 Netclient`s capability,and it is very interesting what you mention about Debian for ARM.
    I belive it will be to a lot of help if the manufacturer agree in releasing the source used by your NetClient.Otherwise another solution probably can be found.

    The positive attitude at kasercorp is very appreciated.Users of your compact MP4 players,home entertainment boxes and thin client are to be envyed.

    On behalf of the thread thank you for reply,and thank you for your time.
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