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Thread: Themes Won't Install (Gnome 2.28)

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    Themes Won't Install (Gnome 2.28)

    I'm having the weirdest issue with installing themes. I download any tar.gz file and try to install it with the "Appearance Preferences" menu and it won't show up as an available theme.

    The files show up in my /.themes folder and most (if not all) of the theme's look will be applied as a "custom" theme.

    I can't find any info on this. I've got a clean install of Karmic and I went ahead and tried installing all the gtk2-engine* files I could to see if that was the issue. (It was not.)

    I also installed the Emerald theme manager with no success there, either. The themes install, but won't apply.



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    Re: Themes Won't Install (Gnome 2.28)

    Same questions as yours,who can tell the solution ?

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    Re: Themes Won't Install (Gnome 2.28)

    Some of them aren't full themes.
    In appearances click on customize and you'll see them under controls.


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