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Thread: Northwest Public Radio streaming audio

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    Northwest Public Radio streaming audio

    How can I listen to streaming audio from NW public radio with 8.04 Ubuntu and Firefox: They present several different options, but it seems to me none will work with Firefox on Ubuntu. Is there a trick to listen to RealAudio, Itunes, or Windows media links?
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    Re: Northwest Public Radio streaming audio

    You could try the gecko-mediaplayer plugin (if available for hardy) If so remove the totem-mozilla plugin

    Probably better on hardy to add medibuntu to sources and get their mplayer instead

    What's maybe better is to on either the itunes link in the news or classical -> save link as and that'll download a .m3u. Just load the .m3u into any of your players and it should play (stream) fine

    Or enter the address directly into player




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