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Thread: VT1708 no sound high pitched noise

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    Smile VT1708 no sound high pitched noise

    I have a VIA HDA sound card VT1708 A that was producing a high pitch sound in the speakers. It took me a lot of searching etc to solve the problem. I'm posting this to hopefully help someone else.

    I installed gnome-alsamixer:

    sudo apt-get install gnome-alsamixer

    Then I opened it up and enabled the 5.1

    Presto, no more noise.

    5-16-10 Edit
    On Lucid I installed the gnome-alsamixer and muted the front speaker to take care of the noise.
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    Re: VT1708 no sound high pitched noise

    I had, presumably, the same high pitched noise (complete with buzzing as well), though I had sound along with it. I installed alsamixer and pulled all the bars to high and this got rid of the problem. Thanks for sharing.

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