The recent update changed the behavior of my touchpad, I am not able to turn it off while typing. From what I have read the problem might go away if I do a fresh install. I intend to purchase a new hdd to install on. My major question is if I go that route and attach my current hdd via a USB adapter will I be able to access the files? I have been building apps, databases and php sites for over a year and would prefer not to start all over.

Any and all advice welcome.

There is another thread covering my touchpad dilemma but in a nutshell, disable touchpad while typing does not work. Installing touchfreeze and setting to 1.5 seconds had no affect, all combinations of syndaemon commands have no effect. The touchpad works, just will not turn off while typing. I have large hands (size 16 ring) and continually bump the pad. Physically turning it off and on a way to big a pain.