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Thread: hardware component compatibility explanation please?

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    Re: hardware component compatibility explanation please?

    Quote Originally Posted by shawnboy View Post
    EVERYTHING fits the recommended requirements. You can't BUY a CPU slower than 700Mhz. There are only three common GPU makers out there now: Intel, nVidia, and ATI. Those three are ALL very well known, but we both know that people have varying amounts of trouble getting Ubuntu to work well with some of those vs others.

    Example that you should be familiar with:

    [from bottom of a page that will someday provide help with ATI and Ubuntu but DOESN'T now because]:

    "At the time of writing, the ATI 9.11 3d driver does not work with Ubuntu 9.10. I do not know what the bug(s) are. "

    Seems to go against the advice of simply buying something with a well-known name. ATI is very well known, yet people have trouble with it and Ubuntu. Go figure.

    The official minimum requirements of Ubuntu are a moot point because everything new out there these days will far exceed them. They're no help. So, if you are uncomfortable recommending hardware for use with Ubuntu, that's fine. But repeating vague platitudes, saying to use common sense, and pasting in the minimum Ubuntu requirements are not helpful to someone shopping for a PC needing to make very specific decisions about what to buy based on its compatibility.
    ATI 9.12 drivers may be released this month.

    Good luck with your laptop purchase. I am unable to provide a further post on this matter as I would only be repeating myself.
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    Re: hardware component compatibility explanation please?

    To the OP:
    this right here would be the best starting point:

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    Re: hardware component compatibility explanation please?

    Thanks nanotube. I'll start at that link. It's something, at least.

    u.b.u.n.t.u and I apparently are just on different pages. Only a fool would provide feedback about recommended hardware that is compatible with Ubuntu? I guess there are a lot of fools here on the forums then, because a lot of talk centers around that very thing. "What if something goes pear-shaped?" THAT is exactly why I'm trying to get feedback to guide my laptop purchase. I'd PREFER NOT to spend $700 for a laptop only to THEN discover that something is going pear-shaped with Ubuntu. Unbelievable to me. I didn't think I was asking the unfathomable just to get some guidance on what to seek or avoid when buying for Ubuntu. What's that saying?... an ounce of prevention vs a pound of cure? It would be much nicer if I can find people to provide guidelines that will at least maximize my chances at a fully-functioning Ubuntu as opposed to spending a bunch of cash, then spending loads of time on the forums asking people to help me get graphics, sound, suspend, etc. working. Call me crazy (...really... go ahead if it will make you feel better).

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