I'm confused with all these splash screens (Ubuntu 9.10). Maybe that's the case for other people too.

I understand that usplash is dying but is not dead yet. Also gdm background is kind of a splash screen.

I think the order splashes are displayed is:

on boot: grub2, usplash, then gdm
after login: xsplash
after logoff: back to gdm
on shutdown: xsplash ?

I want also to know how to change and how to disable each one of them.

I know there are some threads out there that discuss some of these questions, but 1) not all have been answered and 2) it would be nice to have all alswers in the same place, i.e.:
1. Grub
1.1 How to disable
1.2 How to change
2. usplash
2.1 How to disable
2.2 How to change
3. gdm
3.1 How to disable
3.2 How to change
4. xsplash
4.1 How to disable
4.2 How to change
-- Helltone