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Thread: wifi connect script

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    wifi connect script

    i'm not sure if this is the correct place to put this in. i wrote a script for connecting to a wifi network. it allows for WPA encryption, though i've only tested it with WPA 1. it doesn't allow for ad-hoc systems, since i've never managed to manually connect to one.

    if people had some free time to take a look at it and maybe clean it up, or clear up the features it would be great. it's not the cleanest code, partly because i figured out some stuff along the way, and partly because i'm still not very familiar with bash syntax and all the available tools.

    oh, for the WPA to work, since the script will configure the settings without WPA supplicant, you'll have to make the following changes in the /etc/NetworkManager//nm-system-settings.conf (if you're using network manager)

    anyway here it is. let me know what you guys think!

    #removing possible previous temp file
    rm list.temp 2>/dev/null
    #scans for wifi connections & isolates wifi AP name
    # thanks to jonjgc for the array solution
    # thanks to ghostdog74 for the AWK suggestion
    eval list=( $(sudo iwlist scan 2>/dev/null | awk -F":" '/ESSID/{print $2}') )
    #sets prompt
    PS3="Choose wifi connection: "
    #tests for number of wifi connections, exits if none
    if [ -z "${list[0]}" ]; then
    	echo "No available wifi connection"
    	exit 1
    #menu of wifi connections
    select item in "${list[@]}"; do
    #sets essid as value for WIFI variable and displays information about the AP
    	wifi=$(echo $item)
    	sudo iwlist scan 2>/dev/null | sed -n "/$wifi/, +9p" > list.temp
    	echo "$(cat list.temp | sed 's/^[ \t]*//')"
    #sets channel as value for CHANNEL variable
    	channel=$(grep Channel: list.temp | sed 's/.*Channel://g')
    #test for mode, if mode = master, sets MODE variable to managed
    	mode=$(grep Mode list.temp | sed 's/.*Mode://g')
    	if [ "$mode" == "Master" ]; then
    		echo "Cannot connect"
    #tests for encryption key
    	key=$(grep key: list.temp | sed 's/.*key://g')
    	if [ $key == "on" ]; then
    		echo -n "Enter encryption key: "
    		read key
    #checks encryption algorithm
    	IE=$(grep IE list.temp | sed 's/^ .*IE: \(...\).*/\1/')
    #writes to /etc/network/interfaces file for WPA encryption: essid, key, protocols, etc.
    	if [ "$IE" == "WPA" ]; then
    		sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces /etc/network/interfaces.bakup
    		sudo sed -i 's/iface wlan0 inet manual/iface wlan0 inet dhcp/' /etc/network/interfaces
    		sudo sed -i -e "/dhcp/a\wpa-passphrase $key" \
    	-e "/dhcp/a\wpa-driver wext" \
    	-e "/dhcp/a\wpa-key-mgmt WPA-PSK" \
    	-e "/dhcp/a\wpa-proto WPA" \
    	-e "/dhcp/a\wpa-ssid \"$wifi\"" /etc/network/interfaces
    	sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart
    	sudo cp /etc/network/interfaces.bakup /etc/network/interfaces
    	sudo rm /etc/network/interfaces.bakup
    #sets the wireless configuration for non WPA: essid, channel, mode, key, etc
    		sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid \""$wifi"\" channel $channel mode $mode key $key
    		echo "------------------------------------------------"
    		echo "Connecting to: $wifi at channel: $channel, mode: $mode"
    		echo "------------------------------------------------"
    #connects to wifi connection
    		sudo dhclient
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    Re: wifi connect script

    any feedback? bugs, features, etc.?

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    Re: wifi connect script

    Could you explain more about the purpose of this script? Like, why someone would want to use it rather than clicking on the Network Manager icon and selecting an access point?

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    Re: wifi connect script

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    Re: wifi connect script

    Quote Originally Posted by wmcbrine View Post
    Could you explain more about the purpose of this script? Like, why someone would want to use it rather than clicking on the Network Manager icon and selecting an access point?
    well there were several reasons i coded this. one was that i've had bad experiences with network manager in the past. at one point i switched to wicd, network manager was so unreliable.

    another reason was to give more options to others who've had problems with wpa supplicant, the script doesn't use it at all since it deals directly with the interfaces file, using only wireless-tools.

    and lastly to see if i could do it and because it was fun. writing scripts and posting them is also a great way to see how your code can be simplified, which in turns improves your skill as a programmer.


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