I'm gonna get incredibly bashed for posting this, but here it goes.

I've been running various Linux distributions on a bunch of computers since I was 13. Windows would **** me off, Vista got released, or sometimes I just felt like playing around. I've been through MEPIS, OpenSuse, Kubuntu, Ubuntu,amongst others. It eventually became clear to me that Ubuntu was the overall best desktop distribution out there, if only for the tremendous amount of support there is out there for it.

I love Ubuntu. It's a very capable OS and I love the idea of running a completely free and open operating system. I've probably run some variation of Ubuntu on and off for the past four years. I usually run Ubuntu for six months to a year until something forces me to go back to Windows or I just get too annoyed at a few bugs. Whenever a new release comes out I usually check it out, eager to see what improvements have come along.

However, I have to admit that Ubuntu simply can't compete anymore. Windows 7 is a huge leap for Windows, and OS X has always been user-friendly and functional. I know that under the hood, Linux is more stable, quicker, more secure than Windows. But the truth is, to the end-user on the desktop front, the experience you get running Ubuntu doesn't measure up. The problem isn't a lack of applications of features. Ubuntu just lacks polish and integration. Say what you will, the amount of bugs, small crashes that happen for seemingly no reason, lack of conformity across the OS, destroy the experience for most users. I think Ubuntu will never be a viable option for the consumer because it trades off quality, functionality and intuitiveness for customizability. Most users just want a nice OS with features designed to make their life easier on the computer. They want all those features out of the box and they don't want to tinker with their operating system. They want it to just work for them. Anyways, no amount of customization or tweaking will bring Ubuntu up to the level of functionality Windows or OS X offer right now.

What do you guys think? Am I missing something? Why do you prefer Ubuntu?