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Thread: Hm? Why?

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    Re: Hm? Why?

    I have no idea why you are reacting so badly, I've got no plans to abuse nor over-use anything. Perhaps the way I said so was a little spamy. I'm sorry, I did not mean it like so at all. I merely wished to state I'd be faster to hit the report abuse button, where as before, I'd usually let those which were a bit on the edge, like my post, go.

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    Re: Hm? Why?

    You are free to report posts you feel are a violation of the Code of Conduct.

    Your previous posts had implied you were going to report excessive posts either to harass the staff or to argue further your point in this thread.

    As has been indicated, we are asking you, in the infraction you received, to follow the code of conduct.
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