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A D-Link router's address would be
Standard login is 'admin' - no password
FUTZ--- I have a similar issue. I am setting up a computer to give to a friend, She needs a wireless connection because the computer is going to be upstairs and I want to avoid running a 50 foot wire from her 2WIRE router to the tower. I installed the card in my DELL 2400 as a test. The issue is the screen that appeared is requesting that I enter the WEP key into a suceeding screen, twice. Presumbably the connection could be made. Where do I find, and how do I identify the WEP code? Is it printed on the router, a DLINK WBR2310? On the 2wire it is on a label identified by the presence of BRAKETS around it. This is NOT the same on the DLINK. I do not wish to disable the security because there are a number of wireless signals floating around, literally. Obviously I do not want anyone to use mune as I would not use anyone elses. Can I enter any string of 10 digits into these two fields as a replacement? Is there a way to find out what the existing WEP is? Please simple answer please in detail but no jargon. Thank you.