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Thread: Autorun on connecting removable storage

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    Autorun on connecting removable storage

    I'd like to understand more about how certain programs get autorun when removable storage and cameras are connected.

    Note: In System > Preferences > Removable Drives and Media, *all* checkboxes are un-checked. I'm running Karmic Koala, but it's an upgrade from Jaunty, which was an upgrade from Intrepid. In other words, tips on how things were set up in old distros of Ubuntu may help.

    In particular, I have an Android phone, a USB thumb drive, and a USB hard drive. All of them get automounted properly when I plug them in (on the Android phone, of course, I have to tell the phone to allow mounting).

    Question 1: Can I cause Ubuntu *not* to automount a certain partition on the USB hard drive?

    Mysteriously, when I mount the phone's drive, Picasa automagically pops up. Presumably this is because there are images detected on the phone. But since nothing is checked in Removable Drives and Media, what's triggering this? I'd like to disable it but can't.

    Question 2: How do I prevent Picasa from running for a given drive?


    Question 3: How do I add a custom command to be run only when certain media are inserted? For instance, when my external hard drive is connected I would like to kick off a backup.

    Thanks so much for your help! I've searched incessantly for info on these, but if you know of a really solid doc that explains how Ubuntu automounting and autorun work from start to finish, please send it my way.

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    Re: Autorun on connecting removable storage

    Ping? Anyone know more about how removable storage works on ubuntu?

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