drpjkurian So far so good... however, after some toying lastnight, I noticed that the center of the tablet is not center on the screen in ubuntu.

I tried playing with the TopX, TopY, BottomX, BottomY, MaxX, MaxY Paramaters, but it didn't seem to make things better or worse.

Not sure if screen resolution matters, it doesn't seem to as my debian laptop has 1280x1024, while my ubuntu laptop has 800x600 on an external screen.

Center of the screen compared to center of the tablet is way off, center on the screen = 4th icon left, 2nd Icon down on the tablet.

If this is fixable, it would be great!

I'd also recommend that the Z paramaters be added into the Xorg Config for the WP8060U because without it, the pen will cause movement even an inch over the tablet.

Thanks in advance!