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Thread: Don't know where to put this question

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    Question Don't know where to put this question

    Hello Ubuntu Forums community,

    I don't know exactly where to put this question, so I figured it might do the least damage here. What I just wanted to know is:
    Will the next version of Ubuntu, 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx) contain the Version 2.0 of the SeaMonkey browser suite?
    At the moment, there's still the old version (1.17) listed in the packages, but then, it's still almost half a year till 10.04 is released. So I'd like to know if the version will be updated to 2.0 (which would make sense, since the old SeaMonkey version still needs an old libstdc++ that isn't included in the newer Ubuntu any more). Thanks for any answers!



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    Re: Don't know where to put this question

    I can't directly answer your question but I recently did some testing for Ubuntuzilla and it will upgrade you to Seamonkey 2.0 right now:

    Link to their page on Ubuntu forums:

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    Re: Don't know where to put this question

    It's still way too early in Lucid's cycle to know exact what packages will be in the final release.

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