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Thread: chmod 777 recovery ??

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    chmod 777 recovery ??

    I really need some help!!
    last night by mistake I have chmod 777 all of my server instance ( ubuntu daper);
    now I can't access via ssh anymore;
    is there any known way to recover my data ?
    or to reconnect to it ?

    please I am desperate

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    Re: chmod 777 recovery ??

    Quote Originally Posted by marciasa View Post
    is there any known way to recover my data ?
    Well, let's ask the obivious: You don't have any backups, right?

    Well then: Boot a live CD and backup your /home partition (or directory?), e.g. to an external USB disk. And maybe a few essential files from /etc? e.g. /etc/fstab, /etc/ssh/*key* (if you restore those SSH daemon key files then the SSH identity will remain the same...). And then reinstall. All of it.

    Sounds cruel. I know that. I've made this mistake too, ages ago. But ultimately chasing after each and every file permission (and trust me: there are many many files, pipes, device files, and what not) takes _LONGER_ and is less likely to succeed than a fresh reinstallation.

    Yes, it sucks. But with all file permissions gone to Walhalla there is not much left to do. Collect what you can ... and reinstall.

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    Smile Re: chmod 777 recovery ??

    hello there,

    thanks for your reply;
    it turns out that I HAVE SSH ACCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    just downloaded all my precious var/www content and my beloved website
    now I just need to get hold of the db,

    I know is in var/lib/mysql/mydb

    can I then just copy that on the reinstalled instance, or can it in anyway be imported via phpmyadmin or some other tool?

    thanks again; I was desperate; stupidly enough that was 2 months of work, with nearly zero back ups ;

    I kept saying it to myself to back-up...back-up....remember to back-up, but I had to bang against it


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