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Thread: Reccommend Linux for disaster recovery

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    Reccommend Linux for disaster recovery

    This may not be an ubuntu question, but hopefully someone here can advise.

    Following a narrow squeak yesterday, when the 9.04->9.10 install borked my GRUB2 install, I was almost left with a doorstop. Having windows on the PC was no use, as GRUB just wouldn't run.

    My brother is a Linux guru, but 100 miles away, so remote support is the only way. However, I couldn't easily get a SSH connection up. Luckily I managed to fix it myself, but it made me think ...

    What I want is a LiveCD which will boot into a version of Linux, and setup an SSH server on port 178 (I moved the SSH port in my router for security). There needs to be a root user in the install which has sudo access. The idea is ... if I suffer any problems in future, I can boot off the CD, and my brother can SSH in to work his magic.

    So can anyone recommend a distro which is configurable like that ? I'm a Linux noob, but a Windows guru, so I can follow some complex instructions

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Reccommend Linux for disaster recovery

    If the function isn't available on the Ubuntu Live CD, and I have no idea if it is or not, have a look at Knoppix
    Maybe it isn't there either, but Knoppix is touted as a general save-your-**** miracle worker, so it is worth a look.

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    Re: Reccommend Linux for disaster recovery


    you can also get help from
    IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plan UK. They have a great plan for your problem They done a fantastic job in disaster recovery...
    Hope it will help you..


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