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Thread: command to move yesterdays file

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    command to move yesterdays file


    My aim is to add an entry in crontab which moves a file in folder 1 to folder 2 .. compress it using bzip2 ..

    and then move it to folder three..

    All im able findout is yesterdays date along with some modifications..

    date --date="-1 days" +%Y%m%d | awk '{ printf "mylog.%d.log", $1;}'

    This is giving the name of the file .. and i can append the whole path later..

    however im not able collect the output of awk and pass it onto mv command as source file.. and then proceed..

    pardon my ignorance

    Even though im asking a lot.. it would be of great help if someone writes down the crontab entry..

    any pointers would also be helpful


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    Re: command to move yesterdays file

    use find command. check its man page and look for -mtime option.

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    Re: command to move yesterdays file

    date --date="-1 days" +%Y%m%d | awk '{ printf "mylog.%d.log", $1; }' | xargs -I {} mv /dir1/{} /dir2/

    that did the trick..

    another thing id like to know .. is..

    once the log is moved.. which will take a minute or two.. i want to start of the compression...

    also.. i want the bzip2 to create the new file in dir2 itself..

    how do i do that ?

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